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Beitrag von: Christian an 12. 01 2009, 00:01

Neuer Sänger, neue Platte. Bereits am 13. März wird das neue Album von Fire In The Attic erscheinen. Die Platte trägt passend zum Neuanfang auch einfach den Bandnamen. Auf der MySpace-< Seite > der Band kann man bereits das Artwork bewundern. Außerdem findet ihr die Tracklist, sowie neue Tourdates hier in den Kommentaren.
Nun ist es offiziell: Jupiter Jones-Bassist Klaus Hoffmann hat die Band aus privaten Gründen verlassen und nun sucht man ganz offiziell einen Nachfolger. „Du solltest dein Instrument beherrschen, aus dem Raum Hamburg, Koblenz oder der Eifel sein, Live-Erfahrung mitbringen und über genügend Zeit verfügen.“ Bewerbungen bitte per E-Mail an: sascha[at]mathildas-musik-bureau.com
Mit Nest gibt es bereits den nächsten neuen Song von Todd Anderson auf der bandeigenen MySpace-< Seite > zu Hören.
Auf der MySpace-< Seite > von Hatebreed kann man sich ein Cover von Sepulturas Refuse/Resist. Der Song entstammt dem vor Kurzem angekündigten Coveralbum For Lions, welches auf dem neuen Label der Band, Koch Records, erscheinen soll.
Frank Iero (My Chemical Romance, Leathermouth) hat sich in seinem Blog zum 20jährigen Bandjubiläum der Bouncing Souls geäußert. Seinen Text findet ihr in den Kommentaren.
Und auch im neuen Jahr nehmen die Diskussionen kein Ende. Mark Hoppus hat sich bei MTV mal wieder zu der Möglichkeit einer Blink 182-Reunion geäußert: "I think that we need to get back to a certain point as friends before we could ever take a stage together again" Mehr von seinem Statement findet ihr in den Kommentaren.

Beitrag von: Christian an 12. 01 2009, 00:02

Fire In The Attic - s/t
1. are we there yet?
2. running with scissors
3. wide eyes
4. heartbeats for paychecks
5. clockworks
6. emergency exit
7. the failure part I - the nightmare
8. the failure part II - the hangover
9. a call into arms
10. sinking (relation)ship
11. call it quits
12. imperfection is infinite
13. shapeshifting mountain

Fire In The Attic - Tour 2009
13.03. Köln, Werkstatt - RECORD RELEASE SHOW!! + PARACHUTES
27.03. Stuttgart, LKA + INTOHIMO
28.03. CH-St.Gallen, Grabenhalle + INTOHIMO
31.03. Frankfurt, Nachtleben + INTOHIMO
01.04. Würzburg, Posthalle + INTOHIMO
02.04. Aachen, Musikbunker + INTOHIMO
03.04. Magdeburg, Sackfabrik + INTOHIMO

Frank Iero - Statement zu den Bouncing Souls
The Bouncing Souls are celebrating 20 years as a band this year. Can you believe it? It feels like just yesterday I was sneaking out of my mom's house on a school night to go see them play at the Pipeline with Hambone. Ah but alas the Pipeline is gone, and I dont have school tomorrow ever again...but Maniacal Laughter is still one of my favorite records, and I still love when I can get Gambone to drive me to shows so I can bully his radio.

Ok so get this....for their 20 year anniversary the Souls have decided to go DIY again in the digital age, and release 1 song a month all year long direct from the bands label Chunksaah Records. And if you do what I did and subscribe to the record you get emailed every month on the 1st to remind you to go get the track and at the end of the year after you've gotten your 12th track you get an extra 4 new Souls tracks free just for subscribing! I think its a rad idea, and the first track "Gasoline" is up for download now on their site so if you're a Souls fan go support, or if you're not a fan yet, but want to check out an amazing band who has stood the test of time...go to their site and download the new track you wont be disappointed.

Mark Hoppus Statement zur Blink 182-Reunion
None of us know exactly what's going to happen. I do know that we're all very stoked to be talking again, laughing and letting the past remain in the past. But we're also coming together after an extremely acrimonious band breakup, a lot of anger and frustration with one another and four years of not talking. I think that we need to get back to a certain point as friends before we could ever take a stage together again, because that's what we always based everything on.

If — and this is a big if — Blink-182 were ever to re-form, it would have to be the most amazing, ridiculous, mind-blowing show and tour ever. I feel like, as bitter as our breakup was, we stepped back at the top of our game, and we'd have to come back even stronger and better than before.

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