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Beitrag von: Christian an 19. 04 2010, 10:45

Der Ausbruch des isländischen Vulkans Eyjafjallajökull sorgt nun auch in der Musikszene für Chaos. Heute Abend hätte eigentlich die Europa-Tour von Snapcase in Schweinfurt starten sollen. Aufgrund des Flugverbots sitzt die Band jedoch noch in den USA fest. Ob und wann die übrigen Konzerte stattfinden können, ist noch unklar. Ein Statement gibt es in den Kommentaren.
Auch das belgische Groezrock Festival, welches am kommenden Wochenende stattfinden soll, bangt derzeit um Bands und Besucher. So wurden beispielsweise alle Ryanair-Flüge innerhalb Europas bis Mittwoch annulliert. Auch für die nachfolgenden Tage sollte mit einem ziemlichen Chaos bei der Anreise gerechnet werden.

Update: Die Snapcase-Tour wurde nun endgültig abgesagt. Das Groezrock Festival zeigt sich aufgrund der heutigen Öffnung der Flugräume in Europa jedoch optimistisch und präsentiert kurzfristig Millencolin als ersten Ersatz für abgesagte Acts. Umfassende Statements in den Kommentaren.

Update: #2: Jetzt kommt es richtig dicke: auch Sunny Day Real Estate und Saves The Day müssen ihre Auftritte beim Groezrock leider absagen. "We are all disappointed by this and appreciate your understanding."

Beitrag von: Christian an 19. 04 2010, 10:47

Snapcase - Statement
You´ve all heard about the volcano ash cloud that paralyzes air traffic all over Europe right now.

We were hoping to be able to give you better news, but unfortunately Snapcase couldn´t leave

Buffalo due to landing restrictions at European airports.

The show at Alter Stattbahnhof in Schweinfurt on Monday, April 19th is cancelled,

but keep your ticket for now. We will try our best to re-schedule the show.

However, we´re keeping our fingers crossed and hopefully they´ll get on a flight very soon and

can make it to at least some of the shows.

We´ll keep you posted.

Beitrag von: Christian an 21. 04 2010, 13:18

Dear visitor, All of us are aware of the volcano issue and its implications. Currently the Belgian airspace is reopening and flights are resuming. Due to the low air traffic these past days, Groezrock will face a few cancellations. However, since many bands are already in Europe the effect upon the line-up will be minor. There are a lot of rumours in the media regarding line-up and even the existence of the festival. We want to let you know officially that GROEZROCK 2010 will take place on Friday and Saturday 23-24th April 2010. Unfortunately last night we received the news that Oh Sleeper and Snapcase have to cancel their shows at Groezrock due to the volcano ash. The festival management is now looking for equal replacements though this will be a tough job. The actual situation was unpredictable and unforeseeable and beyond our will. There is no reason to panic or speculation. Please be aware there are only 2 days left for ordering your tickets through PRE-SALES. You can still buy tickets at the entrance. Check this website regularly for news, we will keep you informed of the latest developments. Thank you for your understanding, GROEZROCK

Just got the bad news...

The earliest Snapcase could fly to Europe would be next week,

so sadly we have to cancel all shows including Groezrock Festivals.

We are trying our very best to re-schedule all shows and bring the band over in summer.

Keep checking our website for further info.

Millencolin valt in op GROEZROCK :)

Beitrag von: Christian an 21. 04 2010, 13:29

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