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Beitrag von: Christian an 06. 03 2008, 10:10

Morgen, am 07. März, erscheint mit Dinosaurs To Rocketships die neue Platte von Trip Fontaine. Ende März gehen die Redfield-Jungens dann auf große Tour durch ganz Deutschland. Die Termine findet ihr in den Kommentaren.
Tegan Quinn von Tegan & Sara sowie Hunter Burgan von AFI haben mit den Arbeiten an einem gemeinsamen Projekt begonnen. In einem Statement erklärte Tegan jedoch, dass zwischen dem vielen Touren mit ihren Hauptbands kaum Zeit bleibe zusammen Musik zu machen. Ob und wann es gegebenenfalls eine Veröffentlichung geben wird, ist also noch unklar.
Keine guten Nachrichten von Turbonegro: Nachdem im letzten Herbst schon Rune Rebellion die Band verlassen hat, wird nun auch Chris Summers seinen Platz hinterm Schlagzeug abgeben. Ein Statement der Band dazu findet ihr in den Kommentaren.
The Starting Line haben via MySpace-Blog bekannt gegeben, dass sie in der nächsten Zeit eine längere Pause machen werden. Den Text gibt es in den Kommentaren noch einmal zum Nachlesen.
Im Wochentakt gibt es kleine Neuigkeiten zur neuen Platte von H2O. Heute geben wir bekannt, dass Nothing To Prove am 27. Mai erscheinen soll.
Sixes & Sevens heißt das neue Album von Adam Green und kann nun in voller Länge auf der MySpace-< Seite > des immer noch jungen Herren gestreamt werden.
Feeder arbeiten weiter fleißig an einem neuen Album. Um die Wartezeit zu verkürzen, kann man sich < hier > ganz legal einen neuen Song namen Miss You von der Website der Band runterladen.
Und noch ein bisschen Gossip: Auf einem gemeinsamen Konzert in den USA haben sich Mitglieder von Madina Lake anscheinend mit dem Tourmanager von Coheed And Cambria geprügelt. Nun hat sich der Sänger von Madina Lake auf einem Konzert noch einmal dazu geäußert. Ein Fan hat das ganze mit seiner Cam gefilmt und bei YouTube eingestellt. Für viele englische Schimpfwörter also < hier > klicken.

Beitrag von: Christian an 06. 03 2008, 10:14

Trip Fontaine - Tour 2008
06.03. Berlin, Rosis
21.03. Eutin, Lemuria
22.03. Rendsburg, T-Stube (+ Alias Caylon)
23.03. Hamburg, Astra Stube
24.03. Osnabrück, Bastard Club
25.03. Siegen, Vortex
27.03. CH- Baden, Ruum
29.03. Ravensburg, Balthes
30.03. Rosenheim, Asta-Kneipe
31.03. München, Sunny Red
01.04. AUT- Wien, Arena
02.04. AUT- Graz, Sub (+ Dimitrij)
04.04. Bielefeld, Forum (VISIONS Party)
05.04. Dortmund, Livestation (VISIONS Party)
25.04. Köln, Werkstatt (+ Lack)
26.04. Paderborn, Cube (VISIONS Party)
30.05. Tübingen, Ract Festival (+ Escapado)

Tegan & Hunter
"We don't actually have a name, which is kind of funny. We wanted to call it Tegan vs. Hunter but we both have projects and bands, obviously, with our names already. So we were kind of like, 'I don't know what we're going to call it.' We're slowly working on a record. I'm really inspired by it, but it's hard to get it done in between tours."

Turbonegro - Statement
"It is with our deepest regrets to inform you that after his 6 month hiatus due to a damaged foot, personal priorities and a focus on other projects, we have been forced to ask drummer Chris Summers to resign from Turbonegro."

The Starting Line - Statement
From all the east coast to west coast states
I want to feel the warmth from the buzz that I create
But I'm really not too sure
If it's ever gonna happen
But I know that I'm not too concerned

Imagine getting your first job when you were 15 years old and doing that exact same job for the rest of your life. Even if it's the dream job that most people would kill for, eventually you need to stop for a minute and see what else is out there.

This is one of the most difficult decisions we've had to make but after eight years of nonstop touring and recording The Starting Line will be taking a break after their headline tour with Bayside, Four Year Strong and Steel Train (March 18 – April 20) and the college shows following the tour. This break does NOT mean the band is breaking up or going on hiatus it just means were going to stop for a little while and focus on other things in our lives besides The Starting Line. This break may last a year, two years or a few months, as of right now we don't know. We're talking to some friends about doing a quick tour to South America as well as options to tour Europe, Japan and Australia again and we're not ruling them out. We just aren't going to be doing any full time touring or recording as The Starting Line for a while.

We've had our ups and downs with countless record labels (We The People, Drive-Thru, MCA, Geffen, Virgin and finally The Capitol Music Group) over the years and every time we thought we had the right team a label president would be fired, or our label would be taken over by a new company. At each of these places there were people who loved us and would do anything for us and others (usually the ones making the financial decisions) that just didn't give a shit about our band and after going through this for such a long time we need to take a step back and figure out what's next for The Starting Line.

This is not an end but a new beginning, to celebrate this new beginning we have a some exciting news to share with everyone. Sometime this summer or early fall we plan to finally release the unreleased record that we recorded for We The People Records. We are also talking about putting together a DVD to go with the record that will chronicle the Drive Thru years. We have tons of tapes to find and dig through and interviews to do with everyone to properly document that part of our lives but we think we can have it ready by the summer.

Everyone in the band will still be busy so you won't be able to get rid of us that easily.

Kenny just finished recording the debut record for his band Person L, expect to see a release plan and tour announced soon, rumor has it he may even make an appearance at this year's Bonnaroo. You will also get to see the most recent addition to the Starting Line, Brian Schmutz in Person L's touring band. If you want to check out some tunes from the L peep < http://www.myspace.com/personl. >

Matt and Tom have been working on a new project with some friends, called The Seventy Six, and just happened to put up a myspace page today with some songs and videos. The sound of the band may come as a shock to some of you, in the best possible way. Please show your love and support and check it out. < http://www.myspace.com/theseventysix > They have some big plans in the works and plan on announcing them as soon as they can.

Mike and one of his close friends will be starting a company that we will tell you all about once all the I's are dotted and the T's are crossed. Of course he has a band he's going to be jamming with as well and when we have more to report on that we'll let you know. Most importantly Mike will be making up some lost time with his beautiful daughters. He's missed many a milestone and is looking forward to some much needed bonding time with his little girls.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the last eight years and see you all this spring.

Matt, Tom, Mike, Kenny and Brian

This is no attempt

To abandon anyone

It is the influence of the music we love

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